.Baseballist JungMo~!

hahahahahha i said he’s such dork xDD!

so cute~I like his shirt so much *_*!and…his face looks so innocent ^////^*wanna hug momo*:

may i come to game too?^///^~


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i hate being dreamy T^T…it really hurts sometimes….i want someone to consule

me and say:”don’t worry girl~ “I’m here for ya.”T^T i feel FREAKIN’ lonely….

Even I’ve not seen my star for soo long…(these days i just see the moon from different

ways xDD!)…I miss jungmo.T_TThough i know no part of me and him relate to

each other…

(Why am i that hopeless?!xDD)

Today i really got scared coz of Lulu T_T….i really feel a lot of “things” around

me that i can’t see them….(am i going to be crazy?!!)

and Coz of that,suddenly i begon to dreaming about a knight!xDD a “Fari’s knight”

that looks so scary in the first meeting(looks like almost a monster),but after

that he’ll be  a very good pet for Fari and does everything Fari wants him!!xDD such

nice dream….(Now see?i’m really going to be crazy _ _”!)

But i really wished that i could see something like that…at least see those “things”

around me T^T! This kind of being afraid always makes me feel horrible….T_T

Somone isn’t there to hug and consule me?T_Ti hate being alone….

Really thq God!xDD You even didn’t give me a good mother to consule me on

these kind of times….

Why am i saying nonsences?!!O_o”….so,sometimes i really need to write things

to calm down a little bit xDD….it really helps a lot sometimes….

Sorry to stucking too much at you JungMo!xD i really feel what you think about

me….such Noisy fan xD!

Okey….should i talk about my day?…..ahhh!=.=;there’s not anything especial about


but i’ll figt with everything these “things” are _ _+!



Sorry to make your head explod!!xDD it’s my hobit you know…

.ye adamse be dard nakhor:



Ei Khodaaaa~~didi yadam raft?!!xDD inghadr in lulu azziat mikone ke dige

adam aasab vasash nemimoone xD!

Here is another showing-Talent of Fari today xDD!:

Cute ne?xDDdaram khodamo khafe mikonam ba Momo Xp!Vali khob…

man in axo KHEEEEEIIIIILI DOOST DARAM ~^3^this is my cute momo-

cookie xDDD!

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.SCs:Attacku On VOL.13 :3

Wow~So handsome *_*!:

Aww xDD Silly Imo~!!

And…one cute GIF from meeee~n_n~!:

so silly ne?!xDD

Please don’t forgett to cradit if you use that GIF^^~!


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.Media:Attack On VOL.13

He was so cute there~…

He talked about Jay too(wich Momo didn’t u.u”!),but sadly…nothing new U.U”.

I wish he become better soon~i’m REALLY GOING CRAZY coz of how much no-updating about trax T^T!:


.More SCs: ::Click Here::

.Direct View: ::Click Here::

.If you can’t see link above: ::Click Here::

(See the link for VOL.13)

.Download Link: ::MediaFire::

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.SC:X-mas on VOL.14

Sorry~Did i post too much of him and this vol14?!!xDD

More SC(ScreenCaps)of VOL-14~so sweet -3-!:

(lol “If you forgett that…I’LL SEE YOU LATER!!”xDD)

(He’s like “My heart is for you!”xDD chouuuu Romanchikkuuu~<3!)

Yeah…”ARM WAVE” style xD!


(Why are u that girlish these days,JungMo?!xDD)

.Hada-Chan(Fairy-Chan in portogues i think xDD!)

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.Media:X-mas on VOL.14

Wow~this is the leastest time i see his cute face T^T!I miss him soo much…i wished that CommentMovie was looonger~~xDD!

*eats momo*I LIKE YOUR ARM WAVE BOY!<3xD


.More SCs: ::Click Here::

.Direct View: ::Click Here::

.If you Can’t See Link Above: ::TRAX’s official JP-Member Dairy::

(Click on the link for Vol.15 vidoe~)

.Download Link: ::MediaFire::


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.X-mas on VOL.14 commentMovie-GIFs

gah~Isn’t he just such cute pie?!!<3

Enjoy this cute pie and PLEASE credit

if you use ~!And…i’ll be really happy to see your comments about it.coz soo…

this is avery simple GIF,but i really donno how to work on it around-thing XD!But i like howit looks.^^~

see you all~


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